Coronavirus & Online Tutoring

Knowledge Gaps Between Primary and Secondary – A Tutor Can Help

Gaps in knowledge are common for children, and with the global pandemic disrupting normal school life, it’s understandable and expected for many students to feel out of their depth with certain topics or subjects. The transition from primary to secondary school makes these knowledge gaps more apparent, with some students struggling to adapt to the more advanced levels of work and having a negative impact on their confidence. Having a tutor can be a huge help and give students the confidence boost they need to make their learning journey a positive one.


Builds Confidence

For some students, learning surrounded by 20 other people can be a challenge in itself. They may not get the attention or help they need, leaving them unable to grasp a solid understanding of the subject. One-to-one tuition with a tutor means students get the time and attention they need to help them progress, and they can spend more time focussing on topics they find the most challenging, boosting their confidence with the whole subject and bridging any knowledge gaps. Having a tutor also provides a relaxed atmosphere, giving students the chance to practice answering questions without worrying about getting them wrong in front of their class. Making mistakes is incredibly important for progress, and a relaxed atmosphere helps students feel more comfortable with this, building the confidence to answer questions in class.


Personal Organisation

Being organised is one of the most important things when it comes to bridging any gaps in knowledge, and having a tutor is a great way for students to develop strong organisation skills. A tutor can go through a subject in depth, breaking down topics into manageable lessons and managing time to ensure nothing is missed. They can also help students create a revision timetable, showing them that planning their study sessions in advance can increase their focus and help them achieve stronger results.


Develop Revision Techniques

Knowing how to revise effectively is something many students struggle with and their school teachers often do not get the time to go through this. A tutor can show students different revision techniques, determining which work best for the student and creating a strategy that allows them to focus on the topics they find the most challenging, bridging any gaps in their knowledge and helping their overall progress.


Make Learning Enjoyable

Many children dislike school, but this is usually because they are not interested enough in their subjects. A tutor can tailor sessions to suit the student so they are more engaged in lessons, meaning they will be able to focus and learn more. Having personalised lessons helps motivate students, giving them the opportunity to learn at their own pace, meaning they are more likely to find interest in the subject. Making lessons enjoyable also gives students a more positive attitude towards learning, meaning they will be more engaged during school lessons and will develop a better understanding of their subjects.