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How Schools Are Embracing The Private Home Tutor Culture

There are several reasons why a parent may consider employing the services of a home tutor, including:

  1. To provide their child with a little more help if they are struggling or falling behind in a particular subject.
  2. To provide additional support in order to pass a specific exam, for example the entrance examination for a particular school.
  3. To provide additional support with revision in general.

Whereas in the past parents may have felt cautious about using the services of a home tutor in case it was seen as a sign of dissatisfaction with their current school, some schools are now actively referring pupils to teaching agencies, particularly when the pupil is experiencing difficulties in a specific subject matter.

Many teachers nowadays are exasperated by the fact that there is a huge amount of subject matter to cover in the curriculum, and unfortunately time does not permit that they re-cap should pupils not be grasping a particular aspect.  Sadly there simply is not enough time to go over and over a subject until the “penny has dropped” for each student.  This can be particularly crucial when considering the subject of say, for example, mathematics, where pupils are taught the foundations of the subject with these basic key skills being built upon as the subject matter is delved into on a deeper level.  Basically if the foundations are not grasped then there is an increased likelihood of a pupil struggling further down the line.

With the best will in the world, school teachers simply do not always have the necessary resources or that precious gift of time to give every pupil the attention they may require, or indeed need.  This is where the employment of a home tutor can reap dividends and in no way is it suggesting that the school teachers are not fulfilling their roles, nor is it implying that they are doing a shoddy job.

A good home tutor will have similar teaching techniques to teachers in schools, having an understanding of the current methods of teaching.  Surely every parent up and down the land will at some stage or other, when trying to help their child with their homework, have heard the cry, “That’s not the way my teacher tells me to do it!” A home tutor with a grasp of modern teaching methods will be a valuable aid not only to the busy school teacher but also to the pupil who will no longer be baffled by the well-intentioned parent who would undoubtedly only confuse the matter by showing yet another way of doing a particular sum or task.

A home tutor will also have a thorough understanding of the national curriculum and will know what topics need to be covered.  Additionally, in the case of older pupils revising for examinations, the home tutor will have access to an array of past papers and will be fully aware of the essential information that examiners will be looking for.

For pupils who are struggling and lagging behind, the home tutor can give a real confidence boost and help children who were previously under-achieving come on in leaps and bounds.  This new found self confidence in their abilities can be a stimulus for learning and many schools are seeing the benefits of this in their classrooms.

From the above it is easy to see why schools nowadays are embracing the role of the private tutor and their services can be seen as an extra tool or resource on a child’s educational pathway.