Coronavirus & Online Tutoring

Home Tutoring Or Tutoring At Your Tutor’s Home?

Having taken the decision to employ the services of a private tutor, the next decision to make is whether to arrange for the tutor to visit your home, whether to undertake the lessons online or whether to conduct the lessons at the tutor’s home or some other designated venue.

The location of the lessons should, to a certain degree, be child-led as some pupils will prefer to study at home in surroundings in which they feel secure and comfortable, whilst other students might prefer to undertake the lessons outside the home where there would be less distractions from siblings and the busy day-to-day running of the household.

A home tutor will ensure that their pupils will receive individual attention, ensuring that the student reaches their full potential – but this can only happen if the learning environment is suitable and appropriate.

Home or Away?

It is very easy to see why a child would feel happy, secure and confident in their own home and for these very reasons would prefer to be tutored in their familiar and safe surroundings.  If the decision is taken that the lessons will be conducted in your own home, then it goes without saying that a private and quiet place should be designated in which to undertake the lessons which should be free from all distractions.

Background noise from siblings can negatively impact upon a student’s ability to concentrate, and ultimately have a negative impact on their performance, and therefore a student from a busy household might prefer for the lessons to be undertaken outside of the home in order to benefit from a more calming environment and therefore achieve a more positive learning experience.

Children are naturally happy and secure in their home surroundings, but this in itself can pose a negative experience for learning in that there are too many distractions; the X Box in the corner, the pile of comics to read, the television to watch.  In their own home surroundings, it can prove difficult for some students to muster the right frame of mind in which to fully concentrate and it is these students who would perhaps benefit from conducting the lessons at the tutor’s home, in an environment designated to learning and studying.

It is important for a rapport to be built between the tutor and the student, and for an atmosphere of trust to be created whereby the student feels able to ask questions and to voice their concerns if they are not grasping a particular aspect of the subject being studied.   Some students may find it difficult to establish this rapport whilst their parents are hovering around in the background and these children may find it more beneficial to be tutored away from their home environment.

If after a couple of sessions you feel that the location you have chosen is not working to the best benefit of your child, then a change can easily be made with an alternative venue being found.  Home Tutors are very familiar with the question of venue, and you should always discuss this with them directly if in doubt.