Coronavirus & Online Tutoring

Exam season – what’s happening?

With the pandemic continuing to unfold in 2021 the assurance and understanding of whether exams would go ahead was once again unclear for many students. Plans for what should have been exam season have now been set in stone, with recent news explaining the government has announced the Summer 2021 examination series will not go ahead as planned. It will instead follow the process of 2020 examinations. This means that teachers will determine the grade of their students based upon a variety of evidence that has been verified by your school or college.

How will I be graded?

Following in the footsteps of 2020, all students will be assessed by their teachers initially. The assessment submitted by your teacher will then be reviewed by the school or college. There are many ways your teacher can assess you, these are based on:

  • Your overall performance level throughout the duration of the course
  • Assessment on non examination content e.g coursework
  • Work you have produced throughout your studies, from class work to homework
  • Teachers may provide a test for you to complete to confirm their decision

You will be advised which pieces of work will be assessed by your teachers, it is important to mention that the evidence provided will be quality checked.

How best to prepare students for exams

As mentioned above, this year overall grades will be awarded after being assessed internally by teachers. This means that the work you are currently undertaking will be used to help determine your overall grade.

In order to best prepare and to make sure your work is at the highest level, having assistance with your studies will better your chances of earning a good grade. The core subjects are the most sought after qualifications and are a standard when it comes to applying for jobs and progressing with certain courses. Most employers or colleges ideally look for 5 GCSE’s graded 4 / C or above including the core subject of English, Mathematics and Science.

For more information about the up and coming exam season follow this link – https://bit.ly/3nqyfAT

Using a tutor is highly beneficial as sometimes during class, questions can be missed or overlooked. With the year that has gone down there may be particular knowledge gaps in certain areas and subjects. A tutor will help smooth over any knowledge gaps which will in turn not just boost confidence but allow students to push their understanding to its full potential.

When is GCSE / A-Level results day?

This year AS and A-Level results day will be given out on the 10th of August 2021 followed by GCSE’s results being handed out on the 12th of August 2021