English Tuition For KS1 & 2 – How To Get Your Child Ahead Of The Game

Phonics and comprehension can often be under-valued as to their importance, but they really do play a vital role in a pupil’s education.
Phonics skills are at the very heart of word recognition and spelling, and indeed form a crucial part of a child’s reading journey. In June 2012 the Phonics Screening Test was launched by the Department of Education.  The test is a short assessment test, compulsory for all Year 1 students, taking between four and nine minutes to complete.  It is aimed at determining a pupil’s level of understanding of phonics and assesses whether or not the pupil requires additional help to meet the required standard.   In the test children are required to read and correctly identify 32 out of 40 words and if a child fails to meet the standard then additional help is given and the child can re-take the test in Year 2.
This very test alone amplifies the importance of phonics and, likewise, comprehension skills also play a vital role in a child’s education.  After all, a child may be able to read a page of information, but comprehending it is an entirely different matter.  Quite simply put, phonics and comprehension are essential and crucial elements of a child’s educational campaign and the fact that these skills are not learned overnight is a fact which adults can sometimes overlook.
By employing the services of a private tutor you will help your child “get ahead of the game” in terms of phonics and comprehension skills which, in turn, will expand into other subjects.  A private tutor can be of benefit in terms of teaching phonics and comprehension in a number of ways, namely;
  • The private tutor will be armed with a host of various teaching tools and strategies in which to make the learning process vibrant, fun and engaging – adjectives not usually associated with the topic of comprehension in the classroom.
  • A private tutor will create a positive, friendly and nurturing environment in which discussion and interaction is encouraged – a special bonus for the nervous/shy pupil.
  • The one-to-one environment nourishes and develops a child’s capabilities much more so than when in a busy, noisy classroom environment which will ensure your child’s full potential can be realised.
  • Phonics and comprehension skills apply to all subjects, not just English, and in later years a good grounding of these subjects really will prove invaluable.
  • For the older child, comprehension skills will come into their own whilst a student is revising. A good home tutor will also be able to teach a pupil various techniques to aid their revision techniques.
Ultimately a good tutor will not only bring the written page to life for their pupils but they will also give their charges a flying start in all areas of their education which really cannot be underestimated …  and if a love of reading is developed at the same time then this is an additional bonus.

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