Coronavirus & Online Tutoring

Received your A-level and GCSE teacher assessed grades but didn’t get the results you were hoping for?


This year has been out of the ordinary in many ways. Even more so for young adults and students that were due to sit their exams. This is a huge milestone in every teenager’s life and for those who didn’t get to take them, we empathise with you. We understand that due to the recent conditions, this has put a strain on the education system and left teens unsure of how their future will unfold.

This year, the GCSE, AS and A-Levels were originally being calculated based on mock exam results and overall coursework grades that have been redeemed so far in order to provide an overall grade. However, due to a recent Government U-turn, the Education Secretary has announced that pupils will receive their teacher assessed grades.

For those of you who didn’t get what you were hoping for…

First of all, don’t beat yourself up! This has been a whirlwind of a time and nobody saw it coming. If you didn’t get the results that you were hoping for, fear not. Here at Home Tutor Connect we’ve been where you are now: faced with the daunting task of finding a quality tutor, often in a hurry. Identifying professional, safe and effective one-to-one tutoring can be a challenge and we understand this, from personal experience. Our platform brings together students, parents and tutors who are looking for professional, empowering and inspirational tutoring.

For most, A-level and GCSE Results Days are stressful days, having waited for months to finally open that envelope, and we understand that it can be disheartening if you didn’t get the teacher assessed grades you wanted.

Wanting to take your exams?

There is still the option to ‘resit’ your A-levels and GCSEs if you are not happy with the grades you have been awarded.

A-Level ‘resits’:
  • Deadline for entries is Friday 4th September
  • Exams start on Monday 5th October
  • Exams finish on Friday 23rd October
GCSE ‘resits’
  • Deadline for all exam entries, other than English Language and Maths, is Friday 18th September
  • Deadline for English Language and Maths is Sunday 4th October
  • Exams start on Monday 2nd November
  • Exams finish on Monday 23rd November

Students will not be expected to pay for these ‘resit’ exams.

There are plenty of options available to choose from in order to progress. Going from GCSE to A-Levels is a big jump, even more so due to the current situation and the impact that COVID19 has had on the education industry. Here at Home Tutor Connect, we can make that jump even shorter by offering outstanding home tutors. All our tutors have been interviewed to assess their suitability and reliability for private tutoring and all are DBS and reference-checked.

Finding a tutor that’s right for you

Our tutor profile provide you with all the information you need to identify the ideal match. Hourly rates are clearly displayed and this is the rate you pay…there are no hidden extras.
There is a humbling number of intelligent people available for tutoring but we search for the additional, critical people skills which generate step changes in performance; patience, active listening and a genuine interest and appreciation of each student’s challenge.

Rapidly identifying and effectively addressing weaknesses is the key to passing exams. One-to-one tutoring accelerates this process, providing tutors with the time to impart hard-earned pearls of wisdom and top tips to help students achieve stronger results. Their goal is to make challenging subjects accessible and enjoyable and to be the student’s pathfinder.