Coronavirus & Online Tutoring

Coronavirus & Online Tutoring

What is the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on schools in the UK? Whilst impossible to accurately predict, UNESCO states that, in an attempt to contain the global pandemic COVID-19, over 180 countries have now closed their schools, nationwide, affecting 1 billion million students. In these circumstances, it will be the weaker students who suffer the most, as it takes them longer to catch up on missed lessons.

Many schools are endeavoring to continue schooling their students online, using platforms such as Google Classroom, Zoom and Microsoft’s Office 365 Education. An additional option available to students is online tutoring; all Home Tutor Connect tutors offer the online tutoring option.

What is online tutoring?

Online tutoring connects a student’s computer/laptop with that of their tutor. It provides excellent real-time audio and visual connectivity, as well as an interactive whiteboard. The benefits of online tutoring are proving to be extremely popular with students. There are none of the distractions commonly associated with classroom antics. The online student has the undivided attention of the tutor, who can identify and immediately address the most pressing areas of weakness; personal attention which is simply not possible in a classroom setting with a large range of student abilities.

Online lessons are tailored to the knowledge and ability of the individual student. The student benefits from learning within the comfort and safety of their own home. This is particularly helpful with the increasing concerns surrounding Coronavirus and its spread through human contact. Online lessons also avoid the hassle of travel and typically cost less than one-to-one tuition.

Why choose an online tutor with Home Tutor Connect?

We employ a rigorous selection process and interview all our tutors personally. We only meet with less than 30% of applicants and, of those we meet, we take on less than half. There is no shortage of highly qualified tutors, but we are looking for more than pure academia. We only promote excellent communicators; caring and motivational ‘good eggs’ who thoroughly enjoy tutoring and achieve a massive sense of satisfaction from the academic improvements of their tutees.

All our tutors have an Enhanced DBS Certificate and Home Tutor Connect is a member of The Tutors’ Association.

Have a look at our tutor profiles or alternatively, call Dominic our specialist adviser in Buckinghamshire on 0203 858 0250.