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English Tuition For KS1 & 2 – How To Get Your Child Ahead Of The Game

Phonics and comprehension can often be under-valued as to their importance, but they really do play a vital role in a pupil’s education.
Phonics skills are at the very heart of word recognition and spelling, and indeed form a crucial part of a child’s reading journey. In June 2012 the Phonics Screening Test was launched by the Department of Education.  The test is a short assessment test, compulsory for all Year 1 students, taking between four and nine minutes to complete.  It is aimed at determining a pupil’s level of understanding of phonics and assesses whether or not the pupil requires additional help to meet the required standard.   In the test children are required to read and correctly identify 32 out of 40 words and if a child fails to meet the standard then additional help is given and the child can re-take the test in Year 2.
This very test alone amplifies the importance of phonics and, likewise, comprehension skills also play a vital role in a child’s education.  After all, a child may be able to read a page of information, but comprehending it is an entirely different matter.  Quite simply put, phonics and comprehension are essential and crucial elements of a child’s educational campaign and the fact that these skills are not learned overnight is a fact which adults can sometimes overlook.
By employing the services of a private tutor you will help your child “get ahead of the game” in terms of phonics and comprehension skills which, in turn, will expand into other subjects.  A private tutor can be of benefit in terms of teaching phonics and comprehension in a number of ways, namely;
  • The private tutor will be armed with a host of various teaching tools and strategies in which to make the learning process vibrant, fun and engaging – adjectives not usually associated with the topic of comprehension in the classroom.
  • A private tutor will create a positive, friendly and nurturing environment in which discussion and interaction is encouraged – a special bonus for the nervous/shy pupil.
  • The one-to-one environment nourishes and develops a child’s capabilities much more so than when in a busy, noisy classroom environment which will ensure your child’s full potential can be realised.
  • Phonics and comprehension skills apply to all subjects, not just English, and in later years a good grounding of these subjects really will prove invaluable.
  • For the older child, comprehension skills will come into their own whilst a student is revising. A good home tutor will also be able to teach a pupil various techniques to aid their revision techniques.
Ultimately a good tutor will not only bring the written page to life for their pupils but they will also give their charges a flying start in all areas of their education which really cannot be underestimated …  and if a love of reading is developed at the same time then this is an additional bonus.

Home Tutor For Primary School Children – The Whys & Whens

Many parents feel that one of the most vital roles of being a parent is being able to provide their children with a good education. The gift of a good education is without a shadow of a doubt priceless, and if a parent can look back over the years and feel that they have provided the best education that they possibly can for their child, then not only will they have equipped their child with all the necessary tools to succeed in life but they will have given them the ability to achieve their maximum potential.

Why Employ A Home Tutor

There may be a number of different reasons why you are contemplating employing the services of a home tutor.

Boosting localised topics

There are certain stages throughout your child’s educational path where you might feel your child could benefit from additional help. In primary school, children are taught at foundation level, and it is vital that a good understanding of the subjects is gained in order to build upon this knowledge in later years. If your child is struggling to grasp the concept of, say, algebra or trigonometry, then home tutoring can provide a boost with localised topics.

Dealing with difficult subject matters in this way will not only enhance your child’s understanding of the subject, but will also uplift their confidence and hopefully inspire and nurture their interest in the topic.

Home Tutor for Primary Children Preparing for the Grammar School Entrance Exam

Many years ago the 11+ examination was abolished practically country-wide, but a small number of Local Authorities which retained a large number of grammar schools kept up the 11+ Examination. Buckinghamshire for example has within its boundaries thirteen grammar schools and therefore all pupils attending state primary schools in Buckinghamshire will sit the 11+ exam unless their parents specifically request otherwise.

In effect the 11+ exam determines whether or not a child has grammar school ability and therefore many parents who want their children to attend grammar school feel it is beneficial to increase their child’s progress and provide a “helping hand” by means of a private tutor.

Improving Confidence and Self-Esteem

It is worthy to remember that employing the services of a private tutor will not only help your child’s grades, but it can also boost their confidence. Children who suffer from low self-esteem or those who lack self-confidence will often excel with the aid of a home tutor as they able to express themselves without fear of being judged by their peers.

When Is The Right Time To Employ A Home Tutor For Primary School Children

The answer to this question ultimately depends on your reasons for employing a tutor in the first instance. For example if you wish to support your child and possibly enhance their prospects of passing the 11+ examination, then many parents decide to commence extra tuition at the commencement of Year 6 (the final year of primary school).

Alternatively, if you wish to help your child’s confidence in certain core subjects, whether that be for the subject as a whole or for individual parts of the subject, then there is no “defined” right time. You can choose the right time for your child’s needs.

Here at Home Tutor Connect we understand and appreciate that finding a home tutor can be a daunting and somewhat intimidating process. Our goal is to make the whole process as easy and straight-forward as possible. We offer guidance, support and assistance with the core subjects of English, Maths and the Sciences, namely Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

You as a parent are in full control of the number of lessons you wish to book via your tutor, whether that be on an “off the cuff” or ad hoc basis, or whether you wish to structure regular weekly or twice weekly lessons, working towards a specific goal. Browse our tutors to find the right match for your child.

Home Tutor Education – The Benefits

A good education is something which sets our children up for life. but even with the best will in the world, at some stage in their schooling some children may flounder and experience difficulties with certain subjects. If children falter in the foundation stages of their learning path then they will undoubtedly experience hardship in later years when the subject matter becomes more in-depth. With tight deadlines to meet in the curriculum and large classroom numbers, it can be difficult for teachers to give their pupils the personalised help they need.

This is where home tutor education can help. It doesn’t matter whether your child attends a primary school or a secondary school, nor does it matter whether your child attends a state run school or a private school. What does matter is that everyone involved, ie the pupil, the tutor and the pupil’s parents understand what is required to ensure that the whole home tutor education process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible and that everyone knows from the outset what the aims and objectives are.

To maximise your home tutor education the child should be ready for his/her session in a timely manner with notebooks, pens and any other stationery ready for a prompt start to the lesson. It should go without saying that mobile phones should be switched off for the duration of the lesson.

For their part, the pupil should be realistic and be aware that they will have to put some work and effort in. They will have to take notes and revise …. and then revise some more. There is no magic wand, the work will not suddenly become easier however the major difference now will be that the pupil will have a one-on-one tutor who will tailor the lesson to the student’s particular needs. The tutor will be friendly and approachable and will naturally encourage the pupil to communicate with them. If the child needs to go over a certain issue again then they should explain to the tutor that this is the case, and the tutor will happily re-visit the subject matter. In a busy classroom environment certain children do not feel confident enough to put their hands up and say that they don’t understand whereas here, in a home tutor education setting, they will feel fully able to explain if the subject matter is not clear.

From the tutor’s perspective, their objective is to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of their pupils and to devise a bespoke learning plan to accelerate learning and promote confidence in their abilities. They will provide motivational lessons and will have an empathic and friendly approach whilst developing important study habits.

From a parents’ point of view, you can be sure that engaging the services of a home tutor will provide your child with the means of not only doing well, but you will be arming them with the resources to achieve their maximum potential. Additionally, as home tutor education is flexible it can easily adapt to your lifestyle, working around your existing commitments and the demands of your family life.

Whether your child is finding a particular subject difficult as a whole, or whether it is simply an element of the curriculum that is causing a headache, home tutor learning can help. Whatever your reasons for opting for home tutor education, the tutor can assess your child’s progress and highlight any problems before going on to provide specific, tailored and bespoke learning in a friendly one-to-one environment.

At home tutor connect we look to connect your child with the perfect tutor. Be that by style of teaching, experience of subject, the perfect tutor could be just around the corner.