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Tutoring: the benefits

The influence of private tuition and specifically on 11-16 year olds is detailed within the 2018 annual Sutton Trust/Ipsos-Mori survey. It highlights the following key facts:


Home tuition is common

Almost 30% of students in England and Wales have received private or home tuition – within London, this figure topped 40%


Helps with school work

Almost 50% said it was to help them with their school work in general, with the remainder focusing mainly on school entrance exams and GCSEs


Private tuition is increasing

Over the last 10 years the proportion of 11-16 year olds who have received private tuition in England and Wales has risen from 18% to almost 30%


Teachers often home tutor

43% of state school teachers have tutored outside of their main teaching role

Financial Benefits

Whether it’s to help with holidays, children, grandchildren, hobbies or to contribute to an active and enjoyable retirement, additional income is always welcome. Just how much is down to the individual. As a guide, if one were to tutor, on average, 4 hours a week (at, say £30 an hour) this level of tutoring would generate an additional £6,000 of income a year.

Over 20 years, this would amount (before taxes) to around £120,000.

Financial benefits of being a home tutor and private tutor

Quite simply; private tuition improves a student’s academic grades

Private tuition allows the student and tutor to review progress against the curriculum and identify specific areas which require focus. They can then work a plan to address these shortfalls, at a pace which ensures that the student makes steady progress. This focused, one-to-one tuition can be carried out at the student’s home, or online using the interactive whiteboard. This one-to-one support ensures that the student makes measurable progress, which boosts their confidence which, very quickly, develops a virtuous circle. The effect of this positivity on students, who are more used to struggling to keep up, can be life changing.

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Highly motivational to students

Preparing homework and revising for exams can become a pleasure rather than a chore for students who ‘click’ with a tutor. This is because they are provided with first-class direction on how to structure and research a project and, thereafter, concise and informative feedback on their progress. This is highly motivational to students, particularly those who are not comfortable asking questions in the open forum of a classroom.

Private Tuition improves grades for students and pays tutors

Personal Benefits

  • Huge job satisfaction – quantifiable impact on student results
  • Encourages personalised knowledge-sharing and test-taking techniques
  • Flexibility – only work the hours that work for you
  • Quality interaction – identifying weaknesses; explaining effective solutions
  • One-to-one focus; no distractions
  • Increases intellectual and emotional fulfilments
  • Motivating students during the holiday periods avoids a decline in performance
  • Helping students to develop a positive approach to study skills
  • Providing a challenging environment for gifted students, as well as others
  • Develops analytical problem-solving

Why choose Home Tutor Connect?

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Avoid time-wasters BENEFIT Tutor feedback identifies that one of their biggest frustrations is time-wasters. Our service ensures that all enquiries are fully qualified prior to be passed to the tutor.

HTC only promotes the highest quality of tutors. Again, tutor feedback highlights their anger at many of the poor quality ‘tutors’ in the market. BENEFIT HTC offers you the opportunity to become part of a highly motivated, inspirational and professional group of tutors who are determined to promote the highest standards in the industry. You will be proud to be promoted alongside quality tutors.

Enhanced DBS check is a pre-requisite. If you do not have one, HTC will arrange for your Enhanced DBS check to be processed through The Tutors’ Association (which costs approximately £56) BENEFIT Whilst this is not yet a legal requirement, as far as HTC is concerned, it is a no-brainer. Tutors are working closely with children whose parents or guardians must be satisfied that the tutors they select have an Enhanced DBS Certificate; this emphasises the quality of the HTC tutors and provides important peace of mind.

On-going tutoring support is an integral part of the HTC proposition. BENEFIT Tutors are able to upload supporting documentation (qualifications, certificates, testimonials, etc.) onto their profiles in order to support the quality of tuition they offer. A calendar enables tutors to schedule and timetable their lessons, with reminders, and they have access to an online whiteboard should they agree to tutor remotely. HTC is contactable 24/7.

Hassle free payment BENEFIT HTC manages all Client payment, on behalf of its tutors, leaving the tutors to focus on what they do best…tutoring.

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Financial benefits of being a home tutor and private tutor