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Average Home Tutoring Costs in the UK

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” quoted Benjamin Franklin, and whilst all children are offered free education in the UK it can sometimes pay dividends to opt for a little extra help in the form of private tuition, whether that be help with a specific subject or whether help is needed on a broader, more general basis.  But what costs can you expect to pay?

At Home Tutor Connect each of our tutors has their own dedicated profile page which clearly lists their hourly rate, in addition to details of the tutor’s qualifications and a brief overview of their background and teaching styles.    For example, taking the subject of mathematics, you will see that several tutors are available to cover this topic including, amongst others:

HussainAn experienced and motivational tutor of maths and physics who has received highly positive feedback from each of his students.  Hussain is familiar with new specifications and knows what examiners are looking for. Hussain currently charges £30 per hour in person.

Ajay: A very knowledgeable tutor with 34 years experience.  Ajay offers lessons to students from age 11 to adults, teaching all ability levels from basic numeracy to Foundation, Higher level, Additional Mathematics.  Ajay currently charges £41 per hour in person.

Andrew: An experienced maths teacher with six years experience.  Andrew has mentored new teachers and has a history of developing high quality resources which have been shared on the TES website. Andrew currently charges £35 per hour for online tutoring.

From the above it can be seen that the rates of tutors does indeed vary, and it is therefore important to read the profiles of the tutors to “get a feel” for their teaching styles and approach in order to help you decide which tutor would be more suitable for your specific needs. The cost of a tutor will often depend on their specialities, their location as well as their experience and demand.

Ultimately, whichever tutor you decide to approach it is important to remember that you are fully in control .  You have the choice of booking either a one-off lesson or a tranche of lessons on, say, a weekly or twice weekly basis.  It really is up to you.

With Home Tutor Connect you are in the driving seat. You simply choose the tutor you feel most matched to your needs and pay the hourly rate which is clearly detailed on the tutor’s profile page.  You can be sure that the price quoted is the price you will pay – there will be no frightening extra “hidden costs”.

Information may be free but an education is priceless
Marie Forleo