Coronavirus & Online Tutoring

Coronavirus & How it has Affected Education


During the past few months the whole world has gone through an unexpected change, that change being Covid 19. This has included the education sector, with the world on lockdown students have needed to completely readjust their learning. Pupils have needed to take up learning from home but when learning new topics it’s vital to have the time and space to ask those all important questions and talk through topics. Although Covid has massively affected the education system, going forward we hope these changes will only improve the system.


How has Covid affected learning?

Pupils have needed to completely readjust their learning, including those from early learning all the way to higher education. Many students were already studying at home, taking online tests and getting a further understanding into the topic that they are studying. But a lot of students have missed out on that all important 1-1 time with their teachers / tutors. This is vital for students to further their knowledge and progress.

It has also opened up new opportunities, people have needed to find new ways of learning including getting an online tutor. Covid has affected the education system in many ways and has shown that we can still learn even from remote areas.


Why may a tutor be beneficial?

Tutoring will always be beneficial in any topic within the education system. But with these unprecedented times even more so. By getting a tutor you will once again have that 1-1 access that a student needs. Here at Home Tutor Connect we have a variety of tutors all specialising in different subjects, mainly the key core subjects. The core subjects of English, Maths and Science are key to progressing onto further education and for getting a job. We offer online tutoring, and we understand that choosing a tutor who is right for you or your child is very important and that’s why we want to make it as easy as possible.


Why choose Home Tutor Connect?

Why should you choose Home Tutor Connect? Our platform brings together students, parents and tutors in the Buckinghamshire area who are looking for professional, empowering and inspirational tutoring. You can browse through our list of tutors, once you have found the right tutor you can send them a message with your requirements and they will get back in touch to get the ball rolling.


All of our tutors have been interviewed by us to make sure they meet the highest standards and have all had enhanced DBS checks. Home Tutor Connect is also a member of The Tutors’ Association.

Have a look at our tutor profiles or alternatively, call Dominic our specialist adviser in Buckinghamshire on 0203 858 0250.