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Our mission: To provide qualified, caring and inspirational one-to-one tutors

Our platform introduces students and parents looking for professional, empowering and inspirational tutoring to the best tutors in the industry.


We interview each and every tutor to ensure that they meet the highest standards.

A motivational and exciting approach is a pre-requisite, along with a caring and empathetic attitude and the ability to identify areas of focus.

We make the process of selecting tutors for private tuition simple. You can book one-off, ad hoc lessons or regular weekly / two weekly blocks of lessons – whatever works best for you.

We’ve been in your shoes

We’ve been where you are now: faced with the daunting task of finding a quality tutor, often in a hurry. Identifying professional, safe and effective one-to-one tutors can be a challenge. We understand this from personal experience. Our aim is to remove time-consuming obstacles and as part of our recruitment process, all of our tutors:

  • Have been interviewed to assess their suitability and reliability for private tutoring
  • Embody adaptability, passion and patience
  • Are Enhanced DBS checked (Disclosure and Barring Service)
  • Detail their hourly rate on their profile (this is the rate you pay – no hidden extras)

Our objective

Rapidly identifying and effectively addressing weaknesses is the key to passing exams. One-to-one tutoring accelerates this process, providing tutors with the time to impart hard-earned pearls of wisdom and top tips to help students achieve stronger results.

Their goal is to make challenging subjects accessible and enjoyable and to be the student’s pathfinder.

Whether you are preparing for the 11+ or Common Entrance exam, moving up to secondary Maths and consolidating your understanding of the syllabus, or cramming for critical exams… our tutors will provide inspiration, direction and motivation.

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Who We Are

The seeds of the concept behind Home Tutor Connect were sewn 10 years ago, when we had our own, personal experiences trying to find effective private home tution for our children. The process was complicated and stressful and ultimately came down to a matter of luck!

Home Tutor Connect was created to make the process of finding an effective home tutor as simple and painless as possible. We know what you’re looking for, so we take our time to ensure that all of our tutors are the kind of people we would want teaching our own children.

Have a question? Drop us a line, or call 0203 858 0250 and talk to Dominic, our tutor specialist.