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A Levels – Getting Revision Back-Up From Your Home Tutor

Whether you are just at the start of your journey on the path to A Levels, or whether you are nearing the exam date itself and would appreciate a little extra help prior to sitting your examinations, a home tutor can prove invaluable.

Your Revision Timetable

A good idea is to start off by creating a revision timetable – and here it cannot be stressed enough that it is crucial to incorporate some relaxation and leisure time into your revision schedule.  A sure-fire way of getting stressed about exams is not incorporating periods in your timetable to relax.  Basically if you incorporate leisure into your timetable then you won’t feel guilty about the half hour spent watching television or the twenty minutes spent chattering to friends.  It is also important to remember that your revision timetable is not cast in stone and it can be tweaked as and when required as time goes on.

Your home tutor can help you prepare a revision timetable or you can devise it yourself – but either way it is important to have one.

What To Expect From Your Home Tutor

Enlisting the services of a home tutor for A Level revision can prove instrumental in achieving higher grades.  The revision sessions should be motivating and inspirational and will be conducted in an environment where the pupil feels relaxed and encouraged to ask questions.  One-to-one lessons of this nature can help pupils gain a better understanding of the topic as a rapport is quickly developed between tutor and pupil.

The student can in fact dictate the lessons to a certain degree.  For example they might find trigonometry a breeze but struggle with calculus and this is where the home tutor can really come into their own.  Not only will they be able to devise specific revision aids for the subject matter, but they will be able to expand on the topic and adjust the lessons to go over and over the topic until “the penny drops” – which is something that time does not permit in a normal teaching environment.  The home tutor will also be in a position to provide past papers to work on as an additional revisionary aid, and from these papers will be able to assess where extra help would be beneficial.

Home tutors are motivated individuals who have a love of their subjects and who want to pass on their passions to their pupils.  They will understand the stresses and pressures that pupils are facing on their educational journeys and will often have innovative ways in which to help their pupils remember key facts and essential information relating to the subject being studied.

As we all learn differently, so we all have different preferences as to the way we revise.  Some pupils prefer to discuss the subject verbally, discussing the reasonings of why and how we do things in a certain manner, whilst other pupils prefer to plough through past papers.  Either way, a good home tutor will note how their pupils prefer to work, and will adapt the revision sessions accordingly.

In short, a home tutor will have in-depth knowledge of the subject and will understand the key specifics which examiners are looking for.  These snippets of information can prove priceless and indeed could mean the difference between a pupil achieving an average grade and a good grade.