Coronavirus & Online Tutoring

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Whilst some agencies focus on numbers, we focus on quality.

Our tutors are selected based on their integrity and ability to inspire. If, for any reason, you do not wish to continue with your tutor after the first lesson, we will pay for your first lesson with another tutor, no questions asked.

Selecting excellent tutors is our most important job. We receive thousands of applications, all of which are carefully reviewed. Most of these applications are rejected after the first reading as they do not have the required qualifications or experience, or they are grammatically poor and contain inconsistencies. Our experience has shown that high-quality tutors submit high-quality resumes which reflect the pride and job satisfaction they gain from tutoring.

Personal interviews are the next stage and are the key indicator as to a tutor’s suitability. We look for several critical qualities but, above all, we look for organised, natural communicators with empathy. Some interviewees have an arrogance that does not sit comfortably with students who enjoy enthusiastic, inspirational and engaging lessons with their tutors.

All our tutors have an Enhanced DBS certificate and we always take up references. The time and resources we devote to selecting our tutors give us the confidence to offer you our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed commitment, no questions asked.